Consystency Boy

A grateful student of Mother Universe journeys on the road Life selecting a Destiny from what Fate has presented 

About Me

Mother Universe places our spirit in a body, much like a boat, while Fate places that boat in an ocean within which we can choose our own Destiny. 

Perhaps we will sail against the current to a far off distant shore. Perhaps we will stay close to the island where our journey began. It depends both on the dreams of our imagination tempered by the reality of our vessel. 

Some spirits live in large cargo ships that travel slow and sure delivering goods all over. While others are speed boats that quickly dash about the nearby area. 

This is the journey and stories of a boy and his dog trying to appreciate the gift we are given with gratitude and kindness.  

Our Stories

A boy and his dog share their adventures in blog and social media forums. 

Consystency Boy loves to bicycle, run, hike, backpack, sail, ski, and generally enjoy the outdoors. In addition, other passions include biographical books, drawing, airbrush, and art design. 

Follow @ConsystencyBoy on IG to see  the #DailyGratitudeJournal postings that reflect the emphasis on the small things.  

Gratitude is not living in today's world, because everyone alive is trying to do their best in their life. Rather, #DailyGratitudeJournal is an attempt to always find the smallest, oddest, most different thing that happens to us every day.  Namaste' 

Our Offerings

Product Offerings

The Consystency mission statement is to provide assistance to small and home based businesses who do not need or have a full-time IT and consulting staff. 

We offer web hosting, IT consulting, and general assistance for your small business needs.

Consystency Media also offers video production, editing, and filming. 

* Product Owner Experience

* Program Manager Experince

* IT Script writing

* Networking

* General IT setup

* Process Engineering

* QA Analysis

* Video storyboards

* Video Editing

* Production Coordinator